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Our Services

"I have been coming to this clinic for many years for dental, medical and optical services. I am very happy here and recommend this clinic for its customer services and many programs that make my healthcare affordable."

-Rosa C.

We Care About Your Health

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We provide a comprehensive range of medical, dental, optometry, imaging, and pharmaceutical services. Our services are designed for all ages, from infants and children, to teens, adults including Women's Health, and the elderly. Many services are provided at no cost, including daily screenings, health education, annual flu vaccine clinics, immunizations for children, and our annual health fairs.

We are The Community's Healthcare Connection Since 1981. We believe in preventive care for healthy living and well-being. Every individual should have a complete physical examination annually; future moms should receive prenatal care throughout the entire pregnancy from the first trimester to post-partum care; every child should have timely vaccinations; every woman should have access to a mammogram when needed; our children and teens; the elderly, special needs and chronically ill individuals should have an annual flu vaccine.

We care about your health!